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Hors Normes immobilier also offers its services to hunt for your perfect new property.

We will become you and be in charge of the full process in house hunting.

Hors Normes Immobilier:  a threefold specialisation:

  • High-end positioning Exceptional Properties :  Hors Normes Immobilier – PRESTIGE
  • Architectural, layout, or unusual Exceptional Properties : Hors Normes Immobilier – UNUSUAL
  • Search of Properties dedicated to holiday renting or business renting : Hors Normes Immobilier – RENTAL TOURISM ( Purchase of host/guest houses, Bed & Breakfast, holidays lets houses or properties with the potential to be used for seasonal renting)



–        Definition of specifications with the buyer

–        Signature of exclusivity sales agreement (please refer to the FAQs)

–        Prospecting the market (investigation, network, internet…) and visiting the goods

–         Establishment of a report of research: summary of actions carried out and presentation of the eligible pre-selected properties that might interest the buyer for a visit.

–        Organisation of the visits

–        Help with the conduct of negotiation and the offer

–        Interface with the notary office in charge of the writing of the provisional agreement for sale

–         Support during the different phases of PROJECT MANAGEMENT: period of time going from the signature of the provisional agreement for sale to the repetition of the authentic act with key periods such as the implementation of the bank credit and the borrower’s insurance.



–        Massive gain of time

–        Specific knowledge of the three markets (Prestige / Unusual / Rental tourism)

–        Presence in France

–        A unique door to the southeastern French market

–        Optimization of the negotiations

–        Accompanying you with the notary’s office to finalize the buy!



–         A clientele of foreigners or based outside the southeast, the expatriates in the southeast, the newcomers in the region, wishing to buy out an Exceptional main or secondary home, but also the locals not able to find the time required for their searches.

–        Investors interested in the sector of rental tourism: purchase of properties already used totally or partially for rental or with the potential to be used in short term rental furnished flat (business or holidays).(please refer to the third point of the tab Concept and to points 8,9 and 10 of the section FAQ)

–        The candidates for a change of life wishing to enter the tourism in sector in the southeast of France: purchase of holiday cottages and houses of hosts / guesthouses in service or property to be refurbished with the aim to exploit them for these activities.



To buy such a good, the buyers must think about two extra steps:

1/ Define the objective: Is it a change of lifestyle and will it become the main source of revenue, or is it to get extra revenue by renting the property several weeks a year?

2/ In depth definition of the needs compared with the clientele targeted:

Such as localization (transports, historical surrounding, business fairs around the property, beaches…), the superficies of the goods (studio flats or small apartments for business rental / large houses with several bedrooms for guesthouses) and the definition of the service required (car park, swimming pool, furniture in the house corresponding to the needs of the clientele…)

Hors Normes immobilier will listen to you and accompany you in this necessary process for a perfect definition of your future property!