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Hors Normes Immobilier is a new generation of estate agency specialised in the sales of Exceptional properties in Marseille and the south eastern France (PACA and the Languedoc-Roussillon).

Hors Normes Immobilier’s notation is based on a threefold specialisation:


1-      Sales of High-end positioning – Exceptional Properties : Hors Normes Immobilier – PRESTIGE

The code and practices within the high-end luxurious properties are very much specifics. In this sector, where excellence is a standard and the customers’ expectations is high, professionalism, discretion and availability is the minimum requirement.

These are Hors Normes Immobilier’s core values. On a daily basis we aim to provide an exquisite custom-made service to help you find or sale your exceptional property.

Hors Normes Immobilier offers you a wide range of properties especially selected for you. We will make sure that you will receive a personalised service to find your new property (for more information, please refer to the “property hunting” section).

Hors Normes Immobilier not only focuses on the commercial price of the property, but also focuses on the rarity and the services surrounding the property. As such, a studio flat in an exquisite property in a renowned area of Marseille, a manor in the Lubéron, or a sea view apartment in the French Riviera Coast, could find a place in our books!


2-     Sales of  Architectural, layout, or unusual Exceptional Properties : Hors Normes Immobilier – UNUSUAL

A loft, a workshop studio, a reconverted factory, duplexes triplexes, architect’s house, or old properties revamped in a modern fashion.

Alongside these contemporary goods, you will also find exceptional properties due to their exteriors, gardens, terraces with magnificent views…

Castles, wine-making properties, huge estates, fishermen’s small houses, properties in nautical marina or island (Frioul Islands…), are not outdone and have an important place in our catalogue.

Finally what we qualify as ” nautical and river accommodation ” and which includes barges, boats – housing and more generally any liveable boat (sailboat or engines boats), for those who dream about a different lifestyle or a place to rest in a port or on a river of the southeast of France.


3-     Properties dedicated to holiday renting or business renting : Hors Normes Immobilier – RENTAL TOURISM ( Sales of host/guest houses, Bed & Breakfast, holidays lets houses or properties with the potential to be used for seasonal renting)

Holiday rentals and business trip rentals is a sector rapidly expanding. Requested by a large majority of users: vacationers and businessmen, French or foreigners; it constitutes for the owners and the investors a new additional (or main) revenue and is more flexible and more advantageous compared with the classic furnished or not furnished rent. (For more details refer to the last three points of the section FAQ)
Because of its strategic geographical positioning in Marseille, right in the heart of Provence and halfway between Languedoc-Roussillon and the French Riviera Coast, a great touristic zone, Hors Normes Immobilier chooses to specialize in the sale of typical holiday cottages, guest houses and holiday rentals (studio, apartment, villas), already exploited or having authority to be exploited for seasonal renting, (both for holiday or business needs).

Hors Normes Immobilier will suggest you a selection of real property for sale by recutting two typologies of properties:

– Holiday cottages, hosts’ houses, guesthouses already being exploited, but also the properties to be refurbished for these activities.

– Studios, apartments and houses already allocated totally or partially to the furnished for seasonal short-term rent (holiday rental and/or business rent), or those presenting a potential for this activity.

The sale of such properties requires a good understanding of this business sector, an approach and an adapted communication. Hors Normes Immobilier works on a daily basis to on these fields to satisfy the owners. Please note that Hors Normes Immobilier does not propose a service of renting management.


Hors Normes Immobilier also offers its services to the buyers within the framework of missions of specialized real estate hunting. (For more information refer to the section real estate hunting)


 Non-Specialized Sales” department for conventional properties also is available.