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Hors Normes Immobilier is a new generation of estate agency specialised in the Sales of Exceptional Properties in Marseille and south eastern France (PACA and the Languedoc-Roussillon).

Three “Specialized Sales” segments (supplemented by a “Non Specialized Sales” department for conventional properties) :

  • High-end positioning Exceptional Properties :  Hors Normes Immobilier – PRESTIGE
  • Architectural, layout, or unusual Exceptional Properties : Hors Normes Immobilier – UNUSUAL
  • Properties dedicated to holiday renting or business renting : Hors Normes Immobilier – RENTAL TOURISM ( Sales of host/guest houses, Bed & Breakfast, holidays lets houses or properties with the potential to be used for seasonal renting)



Hors Normes Immobilier was founded by Olivier Dussol.

Olivier is graduated from the Law University of Aix-Marseille: Master’s degree diploma in Private law and Postgraduate diploma in maritime law). He worked for ten years in the French Riviera Coast, in Paris and in London in the maritime insurance sector and more especially in the field of yachting insurance. Olivier is passionate with boats, travelling, and contemporary architecture. When he moved back to France, Olivier re-orientated his career to join the fascinating universe of the real estate as a negotiator in an agency specialized in contemporary real estate and cofound in parallel four community web sites dedicated to the vacation rental.

He naturally created Hors Normes Immobilier, which the positioning is marked by the imprint of his experiences in France and abroad, his passion for boats closely connected to the high-end real estate, his special interest for outstanding places and finally his faith in the promising future of the tourism renting as source of land investment




It is a key moment that can both validate the decision to sale or not, but will also will have an influence on the duration of the commercialisation of a good. Hors Normes Immobilier will base its analysis on the statistics of the market; the methodical analysis systematized by the intrinsic characteristics of the good and its knowhow and experience in sales in three practised specialities (Prestige / Unusual / Rental Tourism). Hors Normes Immobilier can also offer you a written estimation of the goods to be sold (Refer to the tab Contact if necessary).

SALES AGREEMENT: Hors Normes Immobilier officiates under exclusive, non-exclusive, or half-exclusive sales agreement. For transparency purposes, Hors Normes Immobilier chooses not to draft its own sales agreements, but to use the official pre-printed sales agreements.

MARKETING PLAN: Hors Normes Immobilier realizes a photo report with quality equipment, drafts a structured and objective descriptive ad, then defines an individualised marketing plan with the owner, depending on the belonging of the property (Prestige / Unusual / Rental Tourism).   The on-line publishing www .hors-normes-immobilier.com, medium of communication benefiting from constant investments on referencing, is also an integral part the communication plan.


Phone call requests for visiting: Hors Normes Immobilier strives to operate a systematic filter on the potential candidate/buyers for a visit and to gauge the adequacy of the potential buyer’s search and their financial solvency. We favour the quality to the quantity and we are convinced that targeting the visits to meets the buyers needs is our forte!

We will also offer the owner a systematic report at the end of the visits.

BID AND CONDUCT OF THE NEGOTIATIONS: Further to a financial solvability analysis of the potential buyers, we will collect bids and conduct the negotiations with professionalism.

PROVISIONAL AGREEMENT FOR SALE:  Hors Normes Immobilier chooses not to draft the provisional agreement for sale and made a commitment on the honour not to receive any other sum of money except for its remuneration. For transparency purposes, and to protect at best the interests of the sellers and the buyers, provisional agreements for sale are systematically established by members of legal profession, notary office, with whom we will interface.

FINAL FOLLOW-UP: PROJECT MANAGEMENT: if the signature of an agreement for sale is a big step, it is advisable not to lose sight that the outcome of the project of sale will intervene only at the repetition of the authentic act. Hors Normes Immobilier considers that this is an essential mission of the real estate agent and will accompany you beside the notary office during this period.

NB: for specific missions of real estate hunting, refer to the section Property Finding

The sense of service is the core value of Hors Normes Immobilier.  We perceive ourselves as partners in the management of real estate projects, both with the sellers who entrust us in the marketing of their properties and the buyers in search of a new property.



The remuneration of a real estate agent must be justified by its implication and the supplied work: investment regarding advertising media and regarding communication; definition, budgeting and implementation of a marketing plan; managements of the calls; management of the visits and the negotiations; support in the of project management phase up to the repetition of the authentic act.

We also decided not to have a window shop to invest on:

– The development of our marketing tools and supports of communication: new generation web site with continuous action of referencing, selection of the most relevant web site the sites for real estate announcements, and publication in specialized printed media.

–  The increase of our visibility with a targeted international clientele of buyers.

–  The systematization of our contact with the main actors in the sector, thanks to a geographical mobility in the entire southeast of France and by participating in thematic trade shows in France and abroad.

SALE: Maximum 5% all tax included of the sale price with a minimum retribution of Euros 5 000 all tax included. Agency fees to be paid by the purchaser or by the Seller

REAL ESTATE HUNTING: Maximum 3.5 % all tax included of the sale price with a minimal of Euros 3 600 all tax included. Agency fees to be paid by the purchaser.         NB: we favor the purchase of property directly with private individuals. However, in the hypothesis of a purchase with the cooperation of a real estate agency detaining the sales agreement of the said good, and only in case this agency would refuse the practice of sharing of the fees, our remuneration will be added to the one of the real estate agency holding of the sales agreement.

ESTIMATION : Euros 150  all tax included (Free in case of sales agreement consecutively signed)

Hors Normes Immobilier does not deal with Rentals

As per the law “Hoguet ” 70-9 of January 2nd, 1970, no sum of money or any payment can be required before the effective conclusion of the transaction.